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  Producer Portal - Your page for all things Platter

Welcome to Platter's by Diners Club Producer Portal, a one-stop information and resource page to facilitate your interactions with the Platter's team. Here you will find everything from deadline dates for the new edition to links to pages where you can download Platter's listing forms.

List your winery/distillery in Platter's 2025

The 2025 edition of Platter’s South African Wine Guide is being prepared for publication in the fourth quarter of 2024, and producers are invited to submit their latest winery details along with tasting samples of the products that will be available during the currency of the guide (November 2024 to November 2025).

  • Producers who were featured in previous editions must click here for the latest submission guidelines, frequently asked questions, and terms and conditions.
  • Producers making their debut in the guide must click here.
  • Producers (previously featured and new) who wish to download the Wine, Brandy/Husk Spirit and Sherry-style Wine Information documents must click here.

Deadline dates

  • Updated winery information - Monday 3 June 2024
  • Updated Expected Products & Vintages spreadsheet - Monday 3 June 2024
  • Tasting samples - Date to be decided jointly by the wine producer and a member of Platter’s Logistics Team. The “target” date is Friday 28 June 2024.

Key contacts

View biographies of the tasting team

The esteemed judges who will assess the wines for the 2025 edition are: Winnie Bowman, Greg de Bruyn, Ndaba Dube, Nomonde Kubheka, Malu Lambert, Angela Lloyd, Cathy Marston, Fiona McDonald, Christine Rudman, Penny Setti, Cathy van Zyl and Meryl Weaver. Associate tasters this edition are Shon Kumar, Inika Minnie and Kenny Nassen. Click here for brief biographies of the tasting team members.

List your restaurant and accommodation in Platter's 2025

Boost the visibility of the eatery or guest lodge on your wine estate by listing it in the Restaurants and Accommodation in the Winelands and Cape Town pages of the guide and Platter's website. Contact for more information.

Order Platter's bottle seals ("stickers")

Platter's bottle seals ("stickers") are available for wines rated 3 stars to 5 stars. Additionally, seals for Winery of the Year, Wine of the Year, Good Value, Superquaffer, Hidden Gem and Highly Recommended wines are available. For producers active in international markets, where the 100-point rating scale is most often used, Platter's also offers seals for 86- to 98-point wines, as well as seals with the Diners Club logo displayed more prominently. Contact to place your seals order.

Order Platter's digital seals ("stickers")

Digital versions of Platter's bottle seals ("stickers") are available for wines rated 3 stars to 5 stars, as well as for Winery of the Year, Wine of the Year, Good Value, Superquaffer, Hidden Gem and Highly Recommended. Digital seals for 86 to 98 points on the 100-point ratings scale are also available, along with digital seals displaying the Diners Club logo more prominently. Contact to place your Platter's digital seals order.

Order Platter's certificates

Promote your ratings in the Guide at your tasting lounge, restaurant, guest lodge or cellar with printed Platter's certificates. An attractive design and quality printing give your Platter's achievements high visibility and impact. Order your Platter's certificates from

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