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  KWV’s Café Culture coffee-style pinotage gets sparkling sibling

19 Mar 2012

Topics: Café Culture, Choc Mousse, Jeff Gradwell, KWV

Café Culture, KWV’s popular coffee-style pinotage, now has a sparkling sibling.

Named Choc Mousse, the newcomer is the first coffee pinotage bubbly in South Africa, according to Café Culture brand director Jeff Gradwell, and "it provides a new way of enjoying a sparkling wine" and "a choice for people who enjoy expressing their individual taste, rather than conforming to society's prerequisites."

Café Culture debuted with the 2007 vintage, and the wine's overt coffee and chocolate flavours have fuelled many debates but also attracted a strong following. Choc Mousse, which has a similar flavour profile, "will become a firm favourite with Café Culture enthusiasts as well as attract new wine drinkers looking for an exciting offering to the Café Culture stable," Gradwell believes.

Presented in a bold red bottle with the Café Culture logo in its signature yellow, the packaging is out of the ordinary and will kick start any conversation at the dinner table or get-togethers," concludes Gradwell. "But the true test remains in the taste and the only way to find out if this lively, sociable and flavourful sparkling wine is for you, is to simply try it." He recommends that the wine be well chilled and enjoyed on its own or with strawberries and dark chocolate.

Café Culture Choc Mousse will be available at all leading liquor outlets nationwide. The recommended retail price is ZAR59.99.

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  • philip on 07 April 2017

    KWV have confirmed that the sparkling wine, latterly known as Café Culture Chocolate Mousse, is no longer produced. Thank you for your interest.

  • Difficult to find!! on 30 March 2017

    I absolutely love this bubbly treat and am very disappointed that i rarely find it on the shelves anymore. Have KWV stopped making it? The label put me off initially as I thought it was a creme-based sweet dessert liquor. Perhaps the packaging was the problem if it didn't take off.

  • Pieter on 26 March 2012

    Hi there. When will this be avialable and at which liqour stores ?

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