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  Platter’s Guide Set to ''pop & fizz" in 2017

01 Apr 2016

Topics: Platter's Guide, South Africa, South African wine, wine

Platter’s South African Wine Guide, the comprehensive guide to who’s who and what’s what in the winelands, announced this morning that it will include ratings for all non-alcoholic soft drinks as of its 2017 edition.

“It’s been a tricky secret to keep under wraps over the past few months, but we’re elated to finally pull the tab and share this fantastic news!” shares editor Philip van Zyl. “In fact, the team has already begun celebrating by cracking open a few cans of soda that we’ve been keeping on ice for this very moment.”

The question on everyone’s lips is, of course, why a wine guide would choose to start rating soft drinks? While it may come as a surprise to some, the Platter’s team has been researching the carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage market for months on end.

Their studies reveal that a large majority of wine drinkers enjoy a soft drink either before, after or even whilst drinking wine, with as many as 82% claiming that the consumption of a soft drink increased their desire to enjoy a glass of wine.


75% stated that they prefer a soft drink to wine when eating certain foods, with some female respondents sharing that they prefer to order a soft drink at the cinema to enjoy with their popcorn, as it’s “significantly easier than trying to sneak in wine in one’s handbag". 88% claimed to consume a soft drink on days when they’re tee-totalling. Overall, a whopping 96% of all wine-loving respondents showed an interest in knowing more about their favourite soft drinks, including manufacturing information, flavour profiles and recommended food pairings.

“Yes, we’re a wine guide first and foremost, but in sprite of this our studies into the behaviour of wine drinkers show a high demand for expanding our ratings horizon,” explain Van Zyl. The new section in the 2017 guide will provide Platter’s readers with a comprehensive overview of all soft drinks available in the South African market, thanks to many hours of tasting conducted by the guide’s new team. This “Pop Panel”, as they’re affectionately known, consists of foodies and carbonated beverage lovers. “It has been a pleasure to cola-borate with them,” adds Van Zyl, “and our readers are in for a treat.”


Soft drinks lovers will be able to consult the guide for detailed information about their favourite carbonated beverages, including tasting notes, pack size advice and recommendations for culinary matches. “We’re expecting the latter to really shake things up, as we know people can feel intimidated at the prospect of trying to match food and their favourite sodas. Now, thanks to our panel’s expert tips and tasting notes, our readers will be filled with a fountain of confidence - whether they’re matching the tangy, caramel nuances of cola, the citrusy, bold aromas of orange soda, or the sweet, juicy notes of grape soda.”

Look out for the 2017 edition of Platter’s South African Wine & Soft Drinks Guide in November this year. You’ll find it in the “Gullible and Falls For Anything” section of your favourite bookstore.

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