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  Platter’s launches eagerly awaited Android App

18 Jan 2016

Topics: Jean-Pierre Rossouw, Platter's Guide, South Africa, South African wine, wine

As part of a drive to place South Africa’s best-selling wine guide "in your pocket", Platter’s has launched the Android version of its popular wine App.

This follows the successful introduction of Platter's App for iOS (Apple) devices.

Platter's App provides easy, on-the-move access to ratings and descriptions of not only the 8,000-plus wines featured in the current edition (2016) but also editions 2008 to 2015. This makes the App a tremendous resource both for casual drinkers looking for information about current vintages, and for connoisseurs and collectors needing information about older bottlings.

Key to the App's usefulness is its powerful but simple-to-use search features, including state-of-the-art label-scanning technology.

With the new App, users can rate wines and write their own reviews (which by default can be read by other App users), keep a favourites list, share wine finds with friends on social media, access producer information, find nearby cellardoors and much more.

"Platter’s App is an indispensable mobile tool," says Platter's publisher Jean-Pierre Rossouw. "It's fast and easy to use, whether you’re an expert or a novice. The App is perfect to use in a wine or grocery store or in a restaurant to help you decide which wine to buy.

"It's filtered search feature, which displays results by producer, grape variety/wine style, vintage or rating, is great for more advanced uses such as planning tastings, carrying out research etc."


- All the new listings and ratings for edition 2016

- All content and ratings from Platter's 2008 to 2015

- Search for wines using label recognition or detailed drop-down menus

- All producer information

- All the official reviews and the facility to rate the wines yourself

- Save your favourite wines in the App to keep your virtual collection

- Share wine discoveries on social media

- Easy access to Google maps

- Find wineries near you with built-in geolocation

Platter’s App is a free download, whereafter users need to subscribe for ZAR175 to receive a full year’s access to the data.

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